Pasadena Roof Orchestra
Bild mit Bläsern Pasadena Roof Orchestra
"Rhythm Is Our Business"


Royal Household Staff Party at Buckingham Palace

Once upon a time around Christmas... Wed, Dec 24, 2008 the Daily Mail reported: "There, the Queen and Philip, helped by Princess Anne and husband Vice-Admiral Tim Laurence, Prince Andrew and the Duke of Kent, joined in the fun as 600 staff and their partners spread themselves across three dance floors to the music of a disco, a jive band and the gently melodic Pasadena Roof Orchestra. (...) 'It was very jolly and the royals - they loved it,' says one close figure."

It went on further to say: "The Queen always used to dance with her footmen at this 'do', but she's 82 now and doesn't dance any longer. But she enjoyed watching them have a good time." The Pasadena Roof Orchestra had a good time too.