Pasadena Roof Orchestra
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"Rhythm Is Our Business"
Jazz ohne Grenzen - Jazz without frontiers
Jazz ohne Grenzen - Jazz without frontiers


Jazz without frontiers

Germany is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its unification. Nov 9th 1989 was the historic day when the Berlin wall came down and the border between East and West Germany was opened. Last week the Pasadena Roof Orchestra toured some East German cities just as it did in the late 1970s and 80s when they were one of the very few Western artists who were allowed to perform in the DDR. So great was the Orchestra's popularity that in 1988 the album "Happy Feet" was licensed to AMIGA and released in the DDR.

A highlight of this tour was the Orchestra's appearance at the Jazz festival in Sonneberg. The theme of the festival was "Jazz without frontiers" recalling the fact that the border had been only a few hundred meters from the town. The Orchestra wowed the packed venue and was rewarded with standing ovations from the audience. The lovely historical cities of Erfurt and Halle were further stops on this tour.