Pasadena Roof Orchestra
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"Rhythm Is Our Business"
Singin' In The Rain - JazzAscona 2010
Singin' In The Rain - JazzAscona 2010


A good recipe - JazzAscona 2010

Take some high mountains, a large blue lake, a picturesque town, a few stages, and a roster of international artists, mix it all together over 10 days and you have the 26th edition of the Ascona Jazz festival. The Pasadena Roof Orchestra was one ingredient last weekend, and entertained the festival crowd on two nights on two different stages. Despite some spectacular storms on the Saturday, the orchestra's performance went down very well. A real fan's enthusiasm won't be dampened by a little rain!

A warm thank you goes to the Team of AsconaJazz 2010 for the very professionally organised event. Alla prossima!