Pasadena Roof Orchestra
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"Rhythm Is Our Business"
Swing in the Nave - Lincoln Cathedral
Swing in the Nave - Lincoln Cathedral


What's this?

Saturday 17th July 2010, and the Pasadena Roof Orchestra performed inside the Perpendicular edifice of Lincoln Cathedral - but no! They weren't playing for Evensong! In fact, it was a sell-out charity concert, and the band sent wave after wave of soaring swing echoing round the Gothic vaults and flying buttresses.

At the end of the show the Orchestra was joined by junior choristers from Lincoln Cathedral choir, along with a visiting childrens chorus from South London - who helped out to great effect with the Orchestra's numbers "Tiger Rag" and "Minnie The Moocher". Not only that though, the young people also boogied in the nave during the whole performance and encouraged many of the more staid grown-ups to have a dance. So, in the end it was a riotous party and you can bet the old Cathedral won't have seen very much like it in however many centuries.