Pasadena Roof Orchestra
Bild mit Bläsern Pasadena Roof Orchestra
"Rhythm Is Our Business"
Puppini Sisters and Pasadena Roof Orchestra
Puppini Sisters and Pasadena Roof Orchestra


Love At First Sight

It was 'love at first sight' as Marcella Puppini said when the Pasadena Roof Orchestra and The Puppini Sisters worked together for the first time. Two concerts in Ludwigshafen, Germany as part of BASF's cultural activities attracted about 2500 people to see this unique collaboration. Judging by the loud applause, it was an instant success. The unique performance from both artists was captured by German TV station SWR to be broadcast later.

A big thank you should go to the cultural management team of BASF who actually had the idea of putting The Puppini Sisters and the Pasadena Roof Orchestra onto the same stage. And of course, warmest hugs and kisses for Marcella, Stephanie and Kate for just being wonderful!