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Pasadena Roof Orchestra - LIVE IN LONDON<br />
40th Anniversary Concert

Pasadena Roof Orchestra - LIVE IN LONDON

40th Anniversary Concert

Released to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, this DVD was recorded live at Cadogan Hall on 20th May 2010 just three weeks after the 40th anniversary
of the orchestra's first public concert at the 'The Brewery Tap' in Barking.
This 'taste of the evening' features the current orchestra with guest appearances from former members and long associates together with a special appearance of the orchestra's founder John Arthy.

The DVD was produced in HD and with a special surround sound mix by Barrie Williams from pixelfantastic, himself a former member of Pasadena Roof Orchestra. It features 24 numbers from the era, a Pasadena Roof Orchestra in excellent form, a period venue and some technical features to recreate an evening of nostalgia at its bet bringing yesterday into the here and now.
There is a bonus feature of a short documentary about the orchestra's history which includes interviews with John Arthy, Duncan Galloway, Simon Townley, John Sutton and Derek Jones together with some behind the scenes footage from the film production.

30th Anniversary Concert, recorded live at London
30th Anniversary Concert, recorded live at London

THE PASADENA ROOF ORCHESTRA - 30th Anniversary Concert

Live aus dem Open Air Theatre Regents Park London, August 1999

(Video und DVD)

Ein Grund zum Feiern: 30 Jahre Pasadena Roof Orchestra! Das Jubiläumskonzert, live aufgenommen beim Open Air Theatre in Regents Park, London. Das Orchester präsentiert 25 Hits aus seiner vielseitigen Laufbahn. Mit den Sängern James Langton und Duncan Galloway.

Die doppelseitige DVD enthält zwei volle Versionen des Konzerts: Die A-Seite ist vollfarbig mit reinem Digitalsound. Die B-Seite ist farblich im Sepia-Stil der 20er Jahre gehalten und bietet den passenden Grammophon-Sound.