Pasadena Roof Orchestra
Bild mit Bläsern Pasadena Roof Orchestra
"Rhythm Is Our Business"


High-End Downloads for audiophiles

The Pasadena Roof Orchestra has entered the digital download market for audiophiles through the Hong Kong based platform Initially, the band's album CDPRO 8 "Roots Of Swing" is available as single track downloads or as full album version. is owned and operated by Music Powerhouse Limited to provide digital music download services for audiophiles. The digital music available on is in high resolution WAV format including "Direct studio master version" (DSMV), a music file that is made directly available on from the studio with no extraction or processing for the end users to buy and download, for the audiophiles’ pursuit of the ultimate hi-fidelity and music enjoyment. We even provide state-of-the-art 24 bit/96 kHz and 24 bit/48 kHz song files.