Pasadena Roof Orchestra
Bild mit Bläsern Pasadena Roof Orchestra
"Rhythm Is Our Business"
An orchestra caricature in the eighties.
An orchestra caricature in the eighties.


Over the years the Pasadena Roof Orchestra has seen some changes of musicians in its ranks but has always kept to the authentic style. The musical and entertaining performance of each bandmember always stays first class. Many musicians aspire to play with the orchestra if only temporarily, but only the very best become part of it. After John "Pazz" Parry, Robin Merrill and James Langton, Duncan Galloway assumes the role of singer, compère, dancer and entertainer.

Behind the microphone, the band comprises of top musicians, for John Arthy it was clear that only the best musicians would make up the Pasadena Roof Orchestra. John Sutton on drums, Michael Holmes on piano or the trumpeter Enrico Tomasso, son of the famous Ernie Tomasso. To point out individual musicians is often misleading because The Pasadena Roof Orchestra has always been the sum of its parts, eleven musicians with a love of the genre being perfectly in tune, or to use an expression from pop music, playing together incredibly “tight”.

There are also changes in repertoire, but only in so far as it is continually growing. Today the musicians can make use of about 200 arrangements, most of them originating from the heyday of the roaring twenties, amongst them timeless classics such as „Puttin’ On The Ritz“, „Tiger Rag“, „Georgia On My Mind“, „Bei mir bist du schön“ and „Singing In The Rain“.

Today, in contrast to the first years, there is hardly a great hall or great theatre in the world that hasn’t been put into good spirits by some hot dance music and toe tapping tunes from the Pasadena Roof Orchestra...

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