Pasadena Roof Orchestra
Bild mit Bläsern Pasadena Roof Orchestra
"Rhythm Is Our Business"


The Pasadena Roof Orchestra have charmed people around the world with swing and hot dance music for more than 30 years. They possess a great talent for music and entertainment alongside a lot of soul and humour.

The orchestra was named after the song “Home In Pasadena” and plays virtuoso interpretations of original arrangements of the 20’s and 30’s. To this day, they have played an important part in the growing popularity of this music.

Many albums and many years of touring means that the orchestra have played in all sorts of places, all over the world, from famous concert halls to smoky clubs, before royalty and star names.

But to begin at the beginning...

We go back to the year 1969 - year of the birth of the Pasadena Roof Orchestra...

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